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University of Lakki Marwat


It is an honor, indeed for being an academician for a life and to be the Vice Chancellor of the University of LakkiMarwat. It has been my passion to lead an institute of higher learning where human are taught to have a life well lived and not just to prepare them for an employment. Our mission is to provide learning environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and engage in dialogue to broaden the horizon of their thought. At this university, youth are emboldened to follow their passion. Talent will be educated through interactive teaching where students can think ahead of studying just classical disciplines. High intellectual standards will be followed while equally respecting local wisdom. Our students will be the architects to design not only a well-equipped scientific world but also a beautiful humanistic view of the world. We will train the students not only to work harder but to work smarter. Higher Education will be introduced as a culture to empower the society in this world of digital automation. The world is taking a new shape after the invention of computer and internet. After the scientific and industrial revolutions, we had cars, air conditioners and TV sets etc. but their number was hardly a billion each. But now we have more than 7.00 Billion mobile phones in the world having total population of 7.00 Billion. The University of LakkiMarwat is to be in sync with all these developments and will therefore, use the maximum of this magic device for higher education.

For the first time in history of mankind, knowledge-based economies are transforming societies across the globe. Highly educated and well qualified manpower play a major role in any country national development. Institutes of higher learning’s share in contribution to GDP are more than half in developed countries. The Government of Pakistan has also to honor the international commitments of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Dakar Framework of Action for Education for All (EFA). The challenges triggered by globalization as well as national quest for becoming a knowledgeable society in the wake of domestic pressures have also necessitated a renewed commitment to proliferate research-based quality education for all. The University of LakkiMarwat with the help of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and HED Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has therefore taken the responsibility to transform the Pakistani society by the power of Knowledge-based economy.
Let’s build our new tomorrow where higher education is pursued as a “PASSION”.


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