Dr. Zahir Shah (Assistant Professor )
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Dr Zahir Shah Published research paper in Scientific Reports.

New paper published

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MPhil and PhD admitions



Bs,Mphil and Phd admissions are started

Bs,Mphil and Phd admissions are started

online apply for admissions will be started from next week

Mphil and PhD Results

MPhil and PhD merit lists are uploaded, check in downloads

Admission Open Fall-2020


Those students who have valid passed GAT General/ Gat subject for any university are eligible for Mphil/PhD admission

Message from Head of the Department

Students use the power of mathematics and its role as a fundamental mode of human thought to explore and explain the world. They can use math to analyze today's problems, such as the spread of disease or market volatility. And they can look to the future for solutions in quantum mechanics and quantum computing. As department head, I join with my colleagues in welcoming you to one of the best mathematics departments in Pure and Applied Mathematics. The broad range of mathematical disciplines we cover includes calculus, algebra, geometry, topology, number theory, analysis, probability theory, physical applied mathematics, computational sciences, computational biology, and theoretical computer science. I invite you to explore our website, where you will find the latest news, upcoming events, listings of weekly seminars, and information about our annual Simons lectures. Our site features sections on our programs for undergraduates and graduate students. Education is an integral part of our mission. We teach a variety of classes, both service courses for all undergraduates and more specialized math subjects. We are developing a number of online courses in calculus and differential equations. Undergraduates have multiple opportunities to work on mathematical research with faculty through ULM Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). The department has additionally designed mentoring programs for an undergraduate to work with a graduate student mentor. These are just some of the teaching and outreach that we do, in addition to the full research and seminar life of our faculty, post-doctorates, visiting faculty, and graduate students. I invite you to learn more about the mathematical world as it thrives at ULM


The Mathematics Department offers a broad and challenging academic program that supports the mission of ULM. We aim to provide high-quality education in undergraduate and graduate mathematics, meeting the needs of a diverse student body and diverse state population.


Our primary purpose is to provide an excellent education for all students. The mission of the Mathematics department is to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical applications. Moreover, the department is focused to contribute to the development of students as thinkers using Mathematics as a tool enabling them to become lifelong learners to continue to grow in their chosen professions and to function as productive citizens. Department of Mathematics is emphasizing to inculcate habits of creative thinking, critical analysis, and rigorousness amongst peers and students alike so that the students start grasping the true spirit of mathematics and appreciating the uniqueness of mathematics as the tool of tools.

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